Awakened Angel                                                                 CATCH THE HIGHER VISION


The World Health Organization defines health as "a state of complete physical, mental, and social well being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity

It is such a balanced state of existence that promoted the quest to achieve optimum states of health through the utilization of available proven spiritual, mental, emotional and physical alternative therapies. The blends of ancient and contemporary healing modalities can create powerful therapeutic techniques that activate the body's natural healing process with Nature as the healer. Our bodies always seeking construction and healing not destruction.  The process of synthesizing diverse therapies to achieve optimum states of health seemed to be appropriately called "Interdimensional Therapy" as my journey for total balance became more evident as a  necessity for all seekers of balance.

The quest began some 30 years ago and the guidance and blessings of Spirit brought the paths and the needs of many seekers. It has been an honor to make the calling a commitment to be of service in the field of health in it's totality.  It was a natural progression as the needs of the many presented themselves. The logo, "Catch the Higher Vision", became more than appropriate as the training continued to incorporate modalities from around the world and Spirit.

As a NYS Licensed Massage Therapist schooled in Swedish, Medical, Shiatsu, Reflexology the treasure chest of tools began.   Member of AMTA.
Serving an internship in the Ling Clinic in NYC.  As the needs appeared, specialization in Trigger Point Therapy to aid in the symptomatic pain relief of Fibromyalgia as well as a support system for those experiencing Chronic Fatigue Immune Dysfunction Syndrome.

As a National Guild Certified Hypnotherapist, a psychotherapeutic tool the work became concentrated on behavioral modifications, past life regression, treatment for smoke addiction, weight control, stress, phobias, compulsive behaviors, abuse traumas and inner child work.  Also skill improvement in study habits, motivation, confidence, self image, memory skills, concentration and goal orientation.
The powerful transformational process dislodges negative behavior patterns at a subconscious level, replacing them with positive behavior modifications.

Within the tool treasure chest, it became apparent that the use of crystal and gem therapy incorporated as adjunct therapies, the process for healing could be expedited.  As an a Aroma Therapist, the uniqueness of essential oils used to trigger the bodies response from the deepest cellular level up to the systemic level to promote the body's natural healing process.

The practice and teaching of meditation in the SDI Tradition, as taught by Gurumayi Chidvilasanada, and having received Shakipat from Gurumayi promoted such tools for healing as well as sharing Gurumayi's vision of bringing a spiritual awakening to this planet by empowering individuals in their quest to achieve self realization.  Actualizing this vision then became a personal quest many years ago. The techniques of meditation and visualization taught create profound states of peace and harmony, as well as ways that reawaken individuals to a greater awareness of their true spiritual nature and unique creative personal expression in life.

The creation of Enlightenment Studies which involve Chakra Balancing serve as the connective bridge between the spiritual and physical body.  As each person awakens to their own true spiritual nature and seek to express it, the energy being in balance draws greater dynamic energy automatically for growth and healing.

The evolvement proceeded to Counseling Services offered to individual, couples and families who seek help in working out conflicts through resolution.  The primary goal, and with her love for children, harmony and family unity are the focus.

As a Reiki Master Level Practitioner, which activates the being's latent healing abilities by directing the flow of the universal life force for revitalization.  Also a teacher for certification programs for Reiki I, II and Master level.  The continued combined efforts for planetary healing as set forth as a Master Level Practitioner herself along with her Master Level Teacher, Christopher Reynolds, although now passed on to Spirit plan the work still primary modality for healing on all levels.

The sole truest belief, of Tere Williams/Infinity, is that the sustained and passionate efforts of one person committed to awakening individuals can and will uplift all of mankind.

So in her words,  "Catch the Higher Vision", it is a treasure tool for self awareness and realization that cannot be surpassed.

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